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          Top Communities for Retirement

How do we choose the top communities?

Clearly there is no single village, town or city in the U.S. that is the best place to live for all retirees. There are  however, small, diverse regions of the country, made up of villages, towns, and cities, that will each be a best place to live for some retirees. We all have our individual needs and preferences. If you're like many folks today who are planning for retirement, you'll want to maintain your comfort level, while lowering  your overall expenses to free-up some of your retirement income for fun things like travel, dining out, and other activities you enjoy. gives you rank ordered lists of lower cost regions of the country and lets you choose other community attributes that fit your personal preferences.

Choose the list or lists that most interests you then click on the underlined Community Name to get a description of the community and the villages, towns, and cities that make up the community.  Click on Map, City Guide, Local News, Local Weather, or Local Chamber. To get in-depth, local information about the community.

Click the underlined community characteristic below to see a lists of the Top 10 communities that most meet that characteristics. Each list is sorted by nine regions of the United States, so you can find a lower cost place to retire with the geography and climate you prefer.



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