Retirement Planning Made EZ!

Americans in record numbers, particularly the “Baby Boomers” are approaching retirement.  Many are blissfully unaware of the financial challenges they face in retirement,  and have not started planning to address these challenges.  United States Government statistics indicate that many aren’t quite sure of how to start planning.  Worse yet, most are not financially prepared for their golden years.  They’ve been so consumed in meeting current life needs that they haven’t sufficiently built their retirement savings.  Some are hoping that Social Security will come to their rescue, but that may not be possible because it looks like Uncle Sam wasn’t able to plan properly either. was conceived to provide the basic tools that will help people get started in planning for their retirement.  It’s never to late or early to start.  The first step is getting a handle on where your money is going now and how much you will need after retiring. If you don’t have enough saved to generate the retirement income you’ll need, there may be ways to bridge the gap.  Such as: are there less costly places I can live and still be reasonably close to friends and family, and not give up all the things I love about my current home? will help address these questions and start you on the road to a successful retirement.




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